Strategic Planning

The Halton Police Board is here to serve our community by ensuring the Halton Regional Police Service is effective, accountable and represents the community’s best interests. The Board is also responsible for setting the objectives and strategic direction of the service through the development of a Strategic Plan. This critical exercise ensures that the Service is led by a defined action plan, has clear and measurable targets and is held accountable through a set of tangible performance objectives. This exercise is led by the Chief Governance Officer, supported by the Chief of Police and guided by the Board’s Strategic Planning Policy.

A successful Police Service proactively works to understand its strengths, areas for improvement, and socioeconomic trends, and discover opportunities to best serve the community.  As a starting point, an environmental scan is conducted to understand trends and risks on both a local and national scale. Statistical data, including key statistical information for the Service from the past five years, helps lend further insight which helps identify major trends and any potential gaps which will need to be addressed in the years ahead (risk assessment).

This statistical data is complemented by an extensive consultation process. Consultations with stakeholders such as Regional, Municipal Councils, school boards, community organizations, youth, business leaders and members of the public lend valuable context, expertise, and insight into the specific needs of our community.

Based on this research and consultation the Chief Governance Officer, in collaboration with the Board, will determine strategic priorities and objectives for the Service. In addition to setting objectives, this plan may also include targets related to information technology implementation, resource planning, and police facilities.

The Strategic Plan established quantitative and qualitative indicators which measure performance through metrics related to road safety, interactions with community members, community satisfaction, crime prevention and crime rates. Once the Strategic Plan is adopted, the Chief of Police will subsequently develop action plans to set out the specific actions required to meet the Board’s objectives.

To ensure accountability, the Strategic Plan Policy stipulates several monitoring and reporting requirements including requirements for the submission of implementation status reports and planning-related decision reports. Further, the Board will prepare an Annual Report to the community which will provide a report back on the implementation of the Strategic Plan to ensure the community is well-informed on how the Service is performing.

It is the Halton Police Board’s responsibility to ensure that the community is well-served by the Halton Regional Police Service. However, it is the rich and valuable community input and oversight that makes the Strategic Plan the collaborative process it is.

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