Fred Kaustinen 

Chief Governance Officer

Fred Kaustinen is the Chief Governance Officer at Halton Police Board and Principal at Governedge Inc. – a governance and risk consulting firm. He is a lifelong learner and athlete, and a decorated army veteran.

Fred’s role at Halton Police Board is to help the Board fulfill its legislated mandate and its governance commitment. He is responsible for coordinating all Board support and supervising Board support staff, counsel, and consultants. More specifically, he ensures:
  • the orientation, education and initial and ongoing training of Board members and staff;
  • the provision of information and advice to the Board, including legal advice;
  • policy and strategic planning research, development and documentation;
  • communications and community/stakeholder outreach;
  • collective bargaining, and executive selection and remuneration;
  • liaison with the Police Chief, Service executives, and corporate advisors; and
  • Board administration, financial management and records.
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