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Pavan Parmar 

Regional Councillor

Pavan Parmar was elected to Oakville Town Council in 2018 as Town & Regional Councillor for Ward 7 and was appointed by Halton Regional Council to the Halton Police Board in 2021.

Ms Parmar holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University and a MBA degree from the Ted Rogers School of Business at Ryerson University.

During her time at Ryerson University Pavan served as the Vice President of external communications for the Women in Leadership Association and has continued to support the association on events. She is passionate about the role of women and youth in leadership and Canadian politics.

Ms. Parmar’s corporate experience includes her role as Consultant with international consulting firm, BDO Canada, LLP where she applied her more than 10 years of experience in citizenship and immigration law. She was a key asset in providing strategic advise to C-suite personnel, business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Early in her career, Pavan served as an aide to Gary Carr, Halton Regional Chair, during his tenure as a Member of Parliament. She currently serves as the Chair of the Halton Region Accessibility Advisory Committee.

In her private life, Pavan has been a member of the 2021 Campaign Cabinet for the United Way Campaign. Pavan and her husband are lifelong Oakville residents and reside in Ward 7 with their two children.

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