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Donald Foster 

Provincial Appointee

Donald Foster was appointed by the Province of Ontario to the Halton Police Board on January 20, 2020.

Recently retired, Donald Foster was the Founding Partner of Phillips, Foster Boucher Inc., a global retail marketing consulting firm which serviced Fortune 500 companies. Born in Toronto, he comes from a long family line of community-service involvement; his grandfather and two uncles served as police officers in the area. His commitment to serving the community is evident in his many lifelong volunteer roles for which the United Nations appointed him Goodwill Ambassador for the Golden Rule. He served as Fundraising Chair for Heart & Stroke in Mississauga, a member of the Corporate Committee for the Credit Valley Hospital Foundation Board, member of the Mississauga Arts Council, a founding member of the Compass Food Bank, and Chair of the Secondary School Councils of Peel. He also received the Service of Distinction honour from Scouts Canada.

He currently supports several local community organizations including Joseph Brant Hospital, Food4Kids, Tansley Woods Senior Residence, The Burlington Prayer Breakfast, and is currently an active member of the Burlington and Oakville Chambers of Commerce.

Donald has resided in Burlington for 20 years with his wife, Pamela, and has two married adult sons.

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